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For decades, AmTrade Systems has been offering leading-edge food processing systems. Starting with the latest technology in cooking, smoking and chilling systems, we have expanded into filling, portioning, forming, mixing, grinding and chopping. From our company’s base in Livonia, Michigan, we serve our customers with custom solutions, technical recommendations, system design, sales, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales spare parts and service support.

We're offering a never-used, trade show-only, industrial mixer-grinder for a very special price.

The K+G Wetter MAW G-160 will mix batches of up to 770 lbs., and will grind fresh or tempered meat at up to 17,700 lbs. per hour.

Product Image - MAW Mixer

This unit includes:

  • Heavy-duty, upgraded version for tempered meat
  • Pneumatic bone separation with side discharge of bone and gristle
  • Bayonet-style plate locking ring for quick plate changes
  • Pre-selectable mixing time
  • Column loader for standard meat carts
  • Cleaning platform
  • 480V Power

This complete system sells for $149,000...however, we are offering our show-only unit for a special price of

$77,500.00 USD

Product Lines

AmTrade Systems delivers solutions, together with our vendor partners below. Our vendor partners are all well-known, long-established manufacturers who have seen great success globally. They are held in high regard as purveyors of high quality when it comes to construction, innovative design, reliability and dependable equipment.

Schroter - Leading Quality

Ovens, smokehouses, smoke generators, intensive chillers, fermentation and drying chambers, and exhaust cleaning systems.

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Rex Technologies

Vacuum stuffers and fillers, portioners, twisting and hanging systems, formers and depositors.

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Kig Wetter Built In Success

Solid, heavy-duty bowl cutters, grinders and mixer grinders, from smaller sizes for the butcher trade, up to full-size industrial machines.

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Custom-designed and outfitted mixing systems, including gentle mixers, marinators, high-shear mixers and emulsifiers, tenderizers and flatteners.

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Cold smoking, hot smoking, heating, drying, steaming or roasting.

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